Tips for Tasting Wine

July 20, 2009

in Wine Tasting Tips

Wine drinking is a new experience for many people in Lexington and we want to help you learn to enjoy wines as much as we do!

Here are three tips for when you attend a wine tasting, whether it’s simply stopping by our shop or a more formal event.

1. When at a tasting, always smell the wine first. If it doesn’t appeal to you at all, avoid tasting it; just try another. If your curiosity can’t pass it by, just take a sip or two and then dump it; you don’t have to drink it, even if you have paid for the tasting.

2. At a tasting whether at home or in a store, it’s best not to rinse your glass with water but to rinse with a tiny bit of the wineyou’re about to taste.

3. Take notes if you taste a lot of wines. Remember, wine is alcohol, and it may be difficult to remember what you liked or didn’t like! Also, after tasting a lot of different wines, they begin to taste the same and maybe even better than they really are.

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