Pinot Noir Blind Tasting Results

June 6, 2009

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On Saturday, June 6, customers tasted six of the shop’s selection of Pinot Noirs.
The following are the results:
#1.  Rex Hill ($38)from Oregon’s Williamette Valley
#2. Wente ($21) from Livermore Valley Calif.
#3. McManis ($11) Calif.
#4. La Crema ($19.60) Calif.
#5. A to Z ($19.60) Oregon
#6. Shap and Roucher ($21) Burgundy, France.
There was only a half point difference between number 2 and 3.  The Rex Hill led by 4 pts. There were close scores for all but the Burgundy, which scored 8 pts. below number 5.  Perhaps, we did not have a good representative from this famous area; after all, most good French Burgundies cost much more than $21!

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